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Wobbler Room 

Ages 1 year +

Welcome to the Wobbler Room at Butterflies Crèche, where we provide a nurturing and loving environment for children aged 1 and above. We understand that as a parent, leaving your child in someone else's care can be challenging, especially for first-time parents. Our dedicated team is here to make this transition as smooth as possible for both you and your little one.

In our Wobbler Room, children must be at least 1 year old before they can join us. Rest assured that once your child is here, they will be treated with utmost love and care in your absence. We believe in working closely with parents to establish routines and feeding habits, ensuring a seamless experience for your child.

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Toddler Room 

Ages 18 months - 2 years

Welcome to the Toddler Room at Butterflies Crèche, an engaging and enriching space designed for children aged 18 months to 2 years. 

The transition from the Wobbler Room is made seamless as the Toddler Room is conveniently located right next door. Here, young minds can explore and thrive with age-appropriate toys that stimulate their curiosity. Our dedicated team ensures that children's small and large motor skills are continually tested, offering a stimulating environment at every turn.

One of the highlights of our Toddler Room experience is the opportunity for children to spend ample time in our dedicated infant playground. This outdoor space provides a safe and exciting area for toddlers to engage with nature, play, and develop their physical abilities.

We understand the importance of providing a nurturing and supportive environment during these formative years. Our skilled and caring staff are committed to fostering each child's individual growth, helping them develop essential skills, and encouraging their natural curiosity.

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Busy Bees (Full time & Playschool)

Age 2+

Welcome to the Busy Bees Room at Butterflies Crèche, where we have unlocked the secret to navigating the inquisitive years of the "terrible twos." Our approach is simple: keep them engaged and busy! We understand that these little minds are like sponges, eagerly absorbing all the information and experiences they encounter.

In the Busy Bees Room, we provide a variety of activities to promote holistic development. Playtime is essential for developing their large motor skills, so we encourage active play and movement. Through drawing and coloring, we foster their fine motor skills, allowing them to explore their creativity and develop hand-eye coordination.

But that's not all. We believe in providing a multi-sensory learning experience for our Busy Bees. We encourage them to squelch paint, listen to music, smell flowers, and appreciate vibrant colors. By engaging their senses, we enhance their sensory appreciation and facilitate a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Our goal is to transform the "terrible twos" into the wondrous twos, a time of exploration, discovery, and growth. Our experienced and nurturing staff are dedicated to supporting each child's unique journey, guiding them through this important stage of development with patience and care.

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Age 2 years 8 months+

The transformative journey from the "terrible twos" to the thunderous threes offers a remarkable opportunity to foster children's development through structure and boundaries. Incorporating elements of emergent curriculum and the Montessori method, educators can create an enriching environment that unleashes children's imaginations, promotes exploration, builds resilience, and cultivates lasting confidence. In this article, we delve into the benefits of this approach, nurturing young learners for a bright future.


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Age 4+

Understanding the uniqueness of each child's learning journey, our Montessori practices prioritize independence, freedom within limits, and deep respect for their psychological and emotional development. Our goal, at the culmination of the Montessori year, is for your child to flourish academically and socially. By employing a combination of Montessori education, emergent curriculum, and play-based learning, we foster a comprehensive development that encompasses alphabet mastery, recognition of letters and numbers up to 20, name writing proficiency, basic geographical and cultural knowledge, and the cultivation of strong social skills. Our aim is to provide an environment where every child can shine and realize their full potential.






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